What can I do to protect my health?

What does prevention entail?, What is primary prevention?, What is secondary prevention?, Prevention of infection by HPV and its complications

What does prevention entail?

There are two types of prevention, primary and secondary.

What is primary prevention?

Primary prevention involves not letting HPV infect you. How can one ensure this?

  1. By vaccination (that protects from specific types of HPV).
  2. By practising safe sexual behaviour (limiting the number of sexual partners, careful choice of sexual partners and use of a condom).

What is secondary prevention?

Secondary prevention involves having routine check-ups to prevent, in time, any consequences of an infection and choosing a healthy lifestyle and diet to boost your immune system.

Secondary prevention is being successfully implemented against cervical cancer. Women are preventively tested using Pap tests and HPV tests, which help detect and treat premalignant lesions

All the above make clear the value of prevention. Over the next five chapters we will discuss in detail the various prevention methods.

It is interesting to note that, thanks to all the means available today, cervical cancer is nearly 100% preventable, and we can prevent other cancers caused by HPV at rates higher than 90%..

Prevention of infection by HPV and its complications

Primary Prevention Secondary Prevention
(reducing the chances of infection) (reducing the chances of infection)
Preventive vaccination Pap test
Limiting the number of sexual partners HPV test
Use of condoms Colposcopy, Biopsy