Good News About Women & HPV

More than 300 questions and answers

What is HPV?, Is it serious?, Will I get cancer?


Three letters that can evoke fear in the heart of many women, especially those with family history of cancer.

Alexander Mortakis M.D.

It’s perfectly normal to have these and so many other questions hanging around you when you hear the news. But what about the questions you don’t know how to ask? You know the real medical questions that doctors know but don’t really talk about. Who can help you answer those? I specialize in diagnosing, treating and discussing how the human papilloma virus affects women and possible courses of treatments. For more than 30 years, I've been dealing with patients with HPV infection, helping them and their families to understand what HPV means, how it can be treated and and everything in between.

About the book

Contains valuable medical information to help women and their families understand more about HPV!

Good News about Women & HPV is the perfect guide for anyone whose life has been touched by this virus. In this book, over 300 questions are answered about this specific infection, what it means for your health and the health of your family and your relationships with others.Some of them include:

  • What are the high-risk forms of HPV?
  • Should boys be vaccinated against the HPV virus?
  • Can genital warts be treated or prevented?
  • If my PAP test is abnormal, what happens next?
  • What if I have lesions on my cervix?
  • Does HPV ever leave your body?
  • How frequent are HPV infections in the population?
  • What are possible treatments for cervical lesions for pregnant women?
  • And More...

It’s like having a qualified, medical professional at your finger tips providing you with information you need about HPV and answering the questions you didn’t know to ask without leaving the comfort of your home.

At the end of the day, the more you know, the better informed you and your family will be the next time you visit your doctor.


Some questions that are answered in the book

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